Andy Cabistan

There is nothing more annoying than people who say that they will do something and they don’t do anything.

Don’t be that person. If you say you will help someone, do it. If you say you care about a specific cause, contribute to that cause. If you say you will finish a project by X day, make a plan to finish it that day.

Don’t be that person who says they will do something and doesn’t do anything. You can do better.



We all have times in life that we break. We are human and life is hard.

Sometimes when we break we tend to make stupid decisions that hurt other people and ourselves. Later on we end up regretting those decisions.

A good way to avoid making stupid decisions when we hit rock bottom is to have a strong system of friends who can be there for you when things go south.

If you don’t have friends, you can seek professional support from a therapist or a counselor. Don’t go through your struggles alone. Find your people that will be there for you when you break and you will be there for them when they break.

Your support system is a full circle of vulnerability and compassion for one another.



There is a saying that you can build a reputation in 10 years and destroy it in 30 seconds by making a bad decision.

Let’s say that you come to the end of your journey tomorrow. What will your last picture look like? What will people remember about you?

Ask yourself if that picture gives you peace and makes you smile. If not, maybe there is some fine tuning that you can do with your life to start changing the picture that people will remember of you.



Have you noticed that we often unconsciously follow certain behaviors, ideals and groups of people by letting others fill our sponges?

We are all sponges of some sort. When you squeeze a sponge you get to see what it was holding inside. We capture information and experiences all the time and we reflect them to the world through our words and actions.

Some sponges paint and some sponges clean. The question is, what type of sponge do you want to be?

Are you a reflection of the person that you want to become?



Are you happy when your friends become successful?

You should be.

Because if your friends are successful it means that you are surrounded by successful people. You know successful people.

Why would you be upset if your friends become successful?

Do you want to be surrounded by losers then? I know you don’t.

Be the biggest cheerleader for your friends in their journeys and when they reach their goals. Hopefully they will do the same for you to lift each other up. If not, you probably need new friends.

The beauty of this principle is that you will also be able to inspire others who are a few steps behind you.



Resentment is one of the worst feelings in life.

The problem with resentment is that you are letting someone live in your heart and mind rent free, hoping that they can feel the pain that you feel, but 90% of the time that person already moved on and is not spending anytime thinking about you.

The best solution to avoid resentment is to learn to forgive.

Wish whoever hurt you the best in life and then step away from their life completely. Run on a different direction.

You need to move on to new and better things. That’s the only way that you will be able to reach freedom, peace, and recover joy in your life.